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Peter Greenaway

The interview is 39 minutes long. You need quicktime 7 to watch it.
May 2006 film critic Dana Linssen met with the super productive Peter Greenaway in Amsterdam for an interview. Greenaway, as enthousiastic and inspired as ever, discussed his obsessions and fascinations about new media, numerology, the absurdity of systems, his interest in birds, and the “invisible tyrannies of celluloid”. In his ambitious Tulse Luper project, which includes films, books, an opera, a game and exhibitions, all of these subjects and much more come together. It’s Greenaway’s ambitious attempt to put all the world in one place.

> The game: The Tulse Luper Journey
> An interview with Peter Hofstede, producer of The Tulse Luper Journey, about the making of the game.
> The Tulse Luper Network



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